Our Vision

We have a passion for creating beautiful furniture and interiors. We love creating unique pieces that come with history and homes full of character. At J'adore Furniture and Interiors, our vision is to ensure that no two pieces or interior designs ever leave our workshop the same. We may work with similar colours and styles,  depending on our client’s requests, but they will never be identical.


Our work will always be finished to the highest of standards with finishing touches that make them even more special and unique. We want our clients to be proud that they have a design, be that a piece of furniture or a room created from J’adore Furniture and Interiors.


For us, it’s always about creating something different, something to be proud of, with character, your character. 

After all who wants what the neighbours have, we certainly don’t!

J'adore Furniture

We often buy furniture on impulse because ‘we just have to have that piece in our workshop...' We also love hunting down specific pieces of furniture for our clients, we are not shy in saying we are experts at this! We take a huge amount of pride in loving them back to life because that's what we do.


If we don't have it, we will find it. Let us know your style and colour preferences, or send us pictures of your décor, curtains or a random cushion that you love, and we'll create a piece that fits and matches perfectly. We'll work with you on the size of the piece, colour, handles/cushions (if applicable) and the type/style of finish you want.


Browse our 'Furniture styles' menu option for some inspiration. We are also a big fan of mixing paint to create bespoke colours..... so nothing is impossible.

J'adore Interiors

An interior is a complex entity and we believe it should be filled with your character, personality and be totally unique. We also believe that having access to interior design should be affordable which is why we have a number of packages available.


Using our existing vision as the foundation, we are able to work with you to design a unique space that you will be proud of. Interior design doesn’t have to be expensive!

We are already very experienced in creating stunning and practical spaces on a affordable budget and will take the hassle out of the design and project management.


We can’t wait to professionally share our knowledge and skills with you. See our interiors page for more detail or contact us for a free informal chat. 



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